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X Marks the Spot Grid Hunt

June Hunt: Monday 6/8 to Monday 6/15

What do I do??
Travel around the grid to participating merchants and venues and find the “X” that marks the spot to collect great prizes! When you find an X, click on it to get your prize, a landmark, and a link to the merchant’s corresponding store for you to bookmark. Follow the landmark to the next spot on the hunt and search that parcel for another “X” to keep going!

Join the X Marks the Spot Hunt group for some hunt fun and hints. Copy and paste this link into the game, hit enter, then click on it secondlife:///app/group/6e994bd8-263f-dc23-6374-c99c13c4cf31/about, or just go it alone. Follow the Rules for Hunters to keep things enjoyable for all of us. 

Rules for Hunters:
1. Play fair, have fun, and get good stuff!

2. Giving hints is fun, divulging exact locations just ruins it for the rest of us.

3. Think about how many, “Can you give me a hint?” IM’s the merchant has already gotten and then ask the group, not the merchant.

4. Keep spammy chatter out of the group and limit it to hunt fun… start an IM if you just wanna say “Hi” to a friend!

5. If the hunt fun in group IM is too much for you, quietly close the group chat window and open it again in 5 minutes or so rather than causing drama.

6. Report anything you see as an ‘unfair’ quietly to a group manager, so that it can be handled with the least amount of confusion and drama.


Merchants: What do I do??

Register your interest:
1. Create a new note card and title "JUNE - (Your Name) - X hunt"

2. Include the following information

Avatar Name:

Xstreet URL:

Business Name:

Business Description:

Business SLURL:

Hint for where the X wil be hidden: (go ahead, get poetic!)


3. One entry per avatar please

When you get your toys there is a bit of setup required. You must be set up by 5/6 at 5AM SLT to participate.

1. Go to and type your name into the marketplace search. Click your name when it comes up and you should be taken to a product page with only your products. Copy the URL from the top toolbar and paste it into a blank notecard. If you wish your “X” to communicate with you by email rather than by IM, put your email address on the second line. A blank second line will tell the “X” to use IM’s.

2. Create a prim, drop your notecard into that prim along with the prize (of your creation) that you are offering (should be boxed and only 1 item).

3. Drop in the scripts you were given, and on the tools menu from your browser toolbar “Set Scripts to Running” and then “Reset scripts” for good measure! The prim will change shape and texture and turn into your "x."

4. Name the whole thing whatever you want to name it to help avoid cheat scanners… I suggest that you put a month or date in that name!

5. Make the “X” larger if you desire, but please make it no smaller than it appears at default.

6. Hide the “X” on the same parcel as the landmark you gave. It should be in a spot where avatars can travel as if they were humans, hidden in plain sight so to speak (some folks just don’t get the camera panning to the top of your roof idea).

7. Rez a copy of the hunt signage and place it within easy sight of the teleport landing spot of the LM you provided.

8. Then wait.... hunt organizers will travel to each landmark between the pre-set date and the start of the hunt. If the X and Signage objects are in place, with scripts running, on your parcel, a Landmark will be added to your X and it will notify you. This ensures that the loop is complete at the start of the hunt and that you are not relying on an absentee merchant to drive traffic to your location.

One or more Hunt Managers will be around to check your items and will be able to receive your prize prior to the hunters being able to do so. The Hunt Managers will have the ability to drop a landmark into your creation if something changes with the destination after yours and adjustments need to be made. Hunt Managers also have the ability to delete your “X” and signage if there is a problem and you cannot be reached. A message will be sent to you if there is any Hunt Manager activity on your “X” so that you can ask questions.

Rules for Merchants:
1. The Hunt Prize must be of your own creation

2. Materials should be set out at least 24 hours prior to the start of the hunt so that they may be checked by a hunt manager – the materials will not be active for hunters until their timers tell them to be, so it’s good advertising even if people do search ahead of time!

3. The “X” should be on the same parcel as the landmark, and should be in a spot where avatars can travel as if they were humans (some folks just don’t get the camera panning to the top of your roof idea)

4. Any merchant-created problem that interferes with the progress of hunters will result in your spot being removed from the hunt. Problems include, but are not limited to:
a. Missing materials
b. Failure to respond to managers’ queries and requests
c. The “X” being so concealed that too many hunters give up at your shop and do not proceed to other merchants’ businesses.

5. Hunter rules apply to us too

“X” Features:
1. The hunt time is preprogrammed so that the “x” will be inactive for hunters until the official start, and then will go inactive again after the official close
2. Hunt Managers can get the goodies prior to the official start for testing, and change the landmark inside if there is a problem so that the hunt can go on. Hunt Managers also have the ability to delete the “x”
3. The “X” will tell you who has touched it when you ask it to, and will empty that list if it gets too full

Signage features:
1. The texture will change by itself, first announcing that you are a merchant that will be participating, then that the hunt is on, than that the hunt has ended
2. Touching the sign will drop a blue box suggesting that participants open a web page to see the rules (that way the rules are dynamic and we can change as necessary)

"X safeguards"
#1. the name of your object is read when you set up the X... if the baddybad griefer who is smart enough to be there at the right second and know what the manager is doing (or a baddybad manager) and they choose to drop an OBJECT - that object will sit there looking stupid in your X while the X gives out yours... since the X will notify you when there is manager activity on the prim you can jump right over there and see what is up

#2. Same with the notecard... the URL on the notecard is read during setup... so baddybad manages to be sneaky enough to get that far, his/her notecard will sit there looking stupid until you remove it

#3. LSL limitations ensure that scripts cannot be dropped unless someone has mod rights on your prim... only a landmark will have any effect on the hunt.

#4. A prim cannot touch your money without your approval  via a yellow debit permissions dropdown... there will not be a yellow dropdown from my script... there will never be a lit up "pay" on the pie, and "buy" shouldn't be highlighted if you follow instructions

#5. the landmark issue was left dynamic so that it can be changed to maintain the loop if something unforseen happens... the manager list is also dynamic (meaning it can be changed mid hunt) so that a baddybad manager can be eliminated and no longer have any affect on the hunt...

No matter what a manager does with your prim, you are immediately notified and can go check it out... the prim will tell you who dunnit with a clickable URL to their profile, and what they did, and then give you its location in a clickable SLURL... I like convenient.. I scripted for me

LL gives us loads of protections... if you drop a copy-only object into a prim no script can change those permissions... My work will be at the mercy of any hunt manager too... I have protected myself and, in that, you as well.

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